I'm excited to be able to offer you my music directly, no middle men or big corporate websites between us.

For $5, you'll get my newest (currently untitled) EP before anyone else, my debut album "Hannah Chapplain" that's 2 CD quality albums for $5! Plus exclusive fan only contests, giveaways and more. Join me!

~ Hannah

What will you get for $5? Check this out!

My newest EP:

It's a brand set of songs that includes the singles: I Want In, I Miss You, Country Girl Soul and Winning.

My debut album: Hannah Chapplain

Released in 2011, you'll get my entire debut album in high quality CD and MP3 formats, just download it when it's released, and burn it or add it to your iTunes playlist.

Exclusive videos, early access to new music and fan only contests

This is much more than a place to buy some music, it's a place for us to get to know each other, share music and good times. I Love all of you and want to give you the best and first peek at all of my newest music, live recordings and exclusive contests.